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Pivt now provided to all Corporate Living residents to support acclimation and employee wellbeing

Corporate Living is upgrading their services by offering Pivt to all of their residents to support acclimation and employee wellbeing during their relocation.

New York, United States - Pivt and Corporate Living have entered into a strategic partnership to improve wellbeing and acclimation support for relocated employees and their families. Corporate Living will be upgrading their services by offering the Pivt app to all of their residents. Pivt is the first mobility solution app focused on the human side provided to relocated employees as a wellness benefit, designed to improve the social well-being of employees on the move, increase retention, and help usher in the era of business without borders. Pivt helps employees and their families feel a sense of belonging wherever they live and work, and that starts with employee benefits packages that put social well-being first.

Corporate Living is a privately held, woman-owned business providing furnished accommodations worldwide. They manage and service temporary apartments, townhouses, and homes and work with Fortune 500 companies, relocation management companies, government agencies, and individual families. They offer a unique combination of total duty of care, stringent quality standards, first-class products, and comprehensive billing flexibility. With inventory on six continents, Corporate Living can put people anywhere.

Both companies aim to provide a fluid transition to relocated individuals while also offering an all-in-one digital space from the time they begin their move to once they’ve transitioned to their new home. Lynn Greenberg, Pivt CEO and Founder, states:

“We are thrilled to be working with Corporate Living and are excited to see corporate housing investing in the human side of mobility, as well their tenant’s happiness, and wellbeing beyond lodging.”

Every relocation is a personal and professional life-changing opportunity. This partnership will help companies focus on the success of a corporate relocation by addressing and preventing the #1 cause of failure – social isolation. Together, we’re giving employees and their families the best tools and support so they can feel at home anywhere in the world. Loneliness in the mobile workforce should be a thing of the past, and with this partnership, it is our joint mission to make that happen.

For more information, you can visit Pivt at and Corporate Living at


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Brittany Miller

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About Pivt:

Companies spend roughly $90k to relocate an employee to a new city, but nearly ⅓ quit within the first year of moving because the employee or their family fails to integrate socially into the new location. This accounts for billions in losses to corporations and creates immeasurable stress to employees and their families.

Pivt is the first mobile app designed to reduce turnover and improve the wellbeing of relocated, remote, and mobile employees. Founded on the belief that every relocation can be a life-changing opportunity, Pivt cultivates a social network with other mobile employees and families to share trusted advice, regional information, and make social plans. Pivt partners with employers and relocation service providers to support employees and their families on the move and specialize in making anywhere feel like home.


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