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Frequently Asked Questions

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Asking Questions on on Pivt


Q: How do I contact Pivt Support?
A: Please send an email to

Q: What should I do if I am experiencing issues with the Pivt mobile app?
A: Please send an email to Please include any details you may have about the issue and screenshots are always a big help to our support team.


What is Pivt?

Pivt is a social app designed to connect relocating workers and their families to communities and other families who’ve recently moved to their new destination. With Pivt, you’ll be able to meet new people who’ve recently moved to your new city, get good advice about moving to the area, and start finding anything important to you in building a life in your new community.  Some examples of what you’ll find on Pivt right now; advice on where to live, schools and doctors in different neighborhoods, things to do, dining and shopping advice, all things pets, and much more.  Lastly, our Community Managers (local professionals) are available to answer questions directly or you can ask other recent arrivals right on the app.

Pivt Users

Q:Who are the users on the Pivt app?
A: Pivt is an invite only community comprised of relocated, remote, and mobile employees and their families. 

Q: Can I invite my family members to Pivt?
A: Yes, each Pivt user can invite one family member above the age of 18 for free. Family members can be invited in onboarding by providing  their email address when prompted. Users can also invite family members anytime from their profile page on the app.


Q: How can I get invited to Pivt?
A: Please contact us a and include your phone number and your company name. One of our representatives will get back to you shortly.


Q:How can I get more information about getting my company on Pivt?
A: Please have your company representative contact us at


How do users get notified about signing onto Pivt?

Users will receive an automated email that will walk you through the onboarding process. Pivt will welcome you and be your first friend in your new location. Download the app and we will help you create a profile and start meeting new people and learning about your new home.

Content on Pivt

Q: What kind of content is acceptable on Pivt?
A: Pivt is a social well-being app for relocated, mobile and remote employees. As such, pictures, videos,  helpful tips, concerns, and all of your questions are welcome on Pivt. We’ve all been there. Patience and understanding go a long way, and being respectful makes the best experience for every member in our Pivt community.


Q: What kind of content is unacceptable on Pivt?
A: Pivt is a respectful environment for shared experiences and helping others with their relocation and remote working journeys. Content that will not be tolerated include: Insults, profanity, harassment, nudity, content of an overtly sexual nature, negative or disparaging comments about race, religion or sexuality. In addition, Pivt does not allow discussion about relocation package details or disparaging remarks about your employer or relocation company on the platform. 


Q: Can I discuss politics on Pivt?
A: We would prefer that you do not discuss politics beyond Q & A on how the political system works. Relocated employees in a new country may have questions about how a “new to them” system of government works and we are happy to supply them with answers. However, Political opinions are not welcome on Pivt. Let’s keep it civil and engaging. 

Pivt's Home Screen

Q: Why am I seeing posts on my home screen?
A: The posts displayed on your home screen are a feed of all of the content that is relevant to you. You will see posts of members you have followed, communities you have joined, events you are interested in, and posts to the general membership outside of a community.


Q: Can I adjust how I am seeing the content on my home screen?
A: Yes, on the left side of your screen you can choose to select content based on "recent activity" or "recently posted". Selecting "recent activity" will show you posts that have most recently been commented on. It’s a good way to view popular posts. Selecting "recently posted" will show you the posts that have most recently been created. 


Q: Can I filter the type of posts I am seeing?
A: Yes, on the right side of your screen you can filter to see select posts. You can choose to see all posts, questions, recommendations, or events. 


Q: Can I filter to see only events?
A: Yes, on the top of your screen tap events to see only Pivt’s event content.


Q: Can I refresh the content on my home screen?
A: Yes, on most devices you simply need to pull down on the screen and the content will refresh to show you updated content.

Events on Pivt

Q: Who can create an event on Pivt?
A: Anyone can create an event on Pivt. Pivt only requires that your event is inclusive and does not discriminate against any members of Pivt.


Q: What type of events can be posted on Pivt?
A: It’s really up to you. Destination and online events are equally valuable to members. Watch parties, discussion groups, pick up sports games, and cultural events are all welcome in Pivt.


Q: What should be included when creating an event?
A: To make your event successful, please make sure that you include a date, time, address and a description of what will happen at your event. Including pictures and directions will further attract other members to your event.

Recommendations on Pivt

Q: Who can make a recommendation on Pivt?
A: Any Pivt member can make a recommendation about a business, service or experience they wish to recommend. Sharing your recommendations makes better experiences for others. We want to help each other through our past experiences.

Asking Questions on Pivt

Q: What kind of questions can be asked on Pivt?
A: At Pivt we pride ourselves on transparency and disclosure and recognize that relocation and remote employment is a personal journey. As such, all questions valuable to you are just as valuable to us and the rest of the Pivt members. If you ask it, it’s likely that someone else was questioning it too.

Q: Who can answer a question asked on Pivt?
A: Any Pivt member is welcome to answer a question or make a comment on a question.

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