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We’re passionate about helping people thrive wherever they may live.

Lynn faced the same challenges and anxiety that so many people experience when moving to a new and unfamiliar place. Finding information from people she trusted, building a community from scratch, and navigating culural nuance were just some of the challeneges.

As it turns out, it wasn’t just her; the #1 concern for relocated and mobile employees is their social well-being. Annually companies expense millions of dollars on relocation packages focused primarily on logistics, yet most provide little to no support for the social wellbeing of their people. This leads to turnover, millions of dollars in lost production time & revenue, and most importantly, lonely employees and family members. Lynn was determined to find a better way!

What began for us as a personal problem and a solution, quickly grew to be a passion, and is now a vocation. Our team wakes up every morning devoted to our mission of making anywhere feel like home long before, during, and after relocating to a new city! We look forward to helping your company!

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Our story began in 2014 when Lynn, our CEO, relocated to London.

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Lynn Greenberg

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Chris Roberts

Chief Operations Officer

Matt Sasso

Chief Product Officer

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Maria Mella

VP, Customer Success

Brittany Miller

Director of Marketing

Our Team

We’re a team of expats, innovators, and start-up pros.

Some of Our Investors / Advisors

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Evan Segal

Entrepreneur, Investor, Philanthropist
Former Dept CFO in the Obama Administration

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Cara Whitehill

Founder, Unlock Advisors

Former Product/Marketing Leader at Expedia, Travelocity

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Simeon Iheagwam


Founder at Noemis Ventures

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Randi Zuckerberg

Entrepreneur, Investor & Board Member
Former Director of Marketing at Facebook

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Phil Yeh

Investor (Limited Partner and Angel)

Former Head of Marketing at Walmart, VP of Growth at Roblox

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Levi Aron

Advisor, Board Member, C-Suite

CRO at SevenRooms, Former CEO Deliveroo

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Joe Abrams

Investor, Advisor
Co-Founder of MySpace (acquired by NewsCorp), Software ToolWorks (acquired by Pearson)

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Shawn Tsao

Founder, Beluga Capital

Founder, Caviar (acquired by DoorDash)

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Justin Hirsch

Investor, Advisor

CEO and HR Practice Group

Leader at Jobplex

Interested in joining our team?

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