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Drive economic growth
in your city.

Cities now have a platform making it easy to engage, motivate and convert top talent to move and stay.

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We deliver qualitative and quantitative insights to enhance EDO programs.






The total number of cities and towns in the US that are trying to incentivize domestic and international talent.


5 Million people moved in 2021 due to remote work. That number will increase to 19 million by 2025 — a 380% change.




Successful economic development programs focused on incentivizing the relocation of remote workers see a 12x return in labor income over program expenses.


Tulsa Remote

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Every relocation is a personal and professional life-changing opportunity. Together, Pivt and Tulsa Remote are giving Tulsa Remote finalists and their families the best tools and support so they can make Tulsa feel like home.

Justin Harlan
Managing Director

of Tulsa Remote



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Download Our Report 

on how groups like Tulsa Remote are using Pivt to spur economic growth.

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Enabling the human side of
relocation to spur economic growth

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Expand your program while mitigating overhead growth (staff & tools)

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Enable a performance mindset that drives productivity and commerce

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Gain new insights to drive program enhancement

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Convert and retain 5-15% more people through your program

A Path to Happier,
More Productive Lives

We start with wellness — focusing on the vision for why people are moving, managing expectations, and maintaining a healthy mindset. We combine this with connecting people with others going through the relocation process to help each other, connect in real life, and together fight social isolation.

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Find out how Pivt can
support your city.

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