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All relocations have their surprises, emergencies, and overall issues. To some degree they cannot be avoided. However, how you react and move forward can make all the difference in how you perceive solve and ultimately feel. Neutral thinking means accepting that when something good or bad happens, it happens. Instead of getting caught up in the negativity, you accept it for what it is and move on. Positive thinking can actually be problematic because if something goes wrong, it has the potential to destroy that positive mindset.

Walking in the Woods
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It’s obvious how neutral thinking helps us not only cope but perform. Applied to a relocation journey it is a powerful tool that eases stress, moves us forward and makes the entire experience more enjoyable.


Here’s how to practice neutral thinking:


  • Go Neutral: accept the idea that when something good or bad happens, it happens. Instead of getting caught up in the negativity of a bad past or a mental or physical mistake, you just accept that it happened and move on.

  • Stop Giving Credence to Feelings: “Feelings can be confusing and misleading,” The more we pay attention to our feelings, the more we move away from our capabilities and our reasoning skillsets.

  • Use What You Have: Focus on what you have and not what you do not have. Great things come from leveraging the assets and knowledge you have available to move forward.

  • Reduce Negativity: This is very important and it does not mean to increase positivity because positivity can be just as misleading.

  • What You Say “Out Loud” Matters: Negative thinking is one thing but some studies show that saying negative things out loud can be many times more powerful than positive communication. That impact the people around you as well as yourself

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