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The future of work continues to evolve. Now more than ever, companies need to support their employees in new ways of building connections and community regardless of location.


At Pivt, we’re focused on helping the mobile workforce build strong communities wherever they may be. In addition to the community in Pivt today, we’re excited to roll out our new Employee Embeddedness Initiative.


This program will enable you to to dive into your company's existing network of recently relocated employees and those who have moved between 2019-2021. You will be able to easily connect with and support one another directly within the Pivt app. Together, you and your fellow coworkers can share lessons learned, support one another throughout the relocation experience, and build relationships that will help you get embedded into your company.

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This document will help you understand our mission, vision, and goals for your employees.

What is Pivt?


When you dive into this document, you will see how Pivt can provide value anywhere to you.

Value of Pivt, Anywhere


This document highlights way employees can support one another and build relationships that will embed them into your workforce.

Employee Embeddedness

Within the app you'll find:

Ways to build a strong and healthy mindset throughout the move

Relocated families to connect with

A community to build and nurture

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